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  • We have temporarily relocated to 2178 Mendon Rd., Ste. 400, Cumberland, RI 02864.
  • Sign up for GPBOR C.A.R.E.'s Battle of the Brands Trivia Night 4/3/19 from 6-9 pm at Chelos on the Water. All proceeds benefit our 2019 charities, Hasbro's Children's Hospital Child Life Program and Tides Family Services.
  • Join us 3/28 for our RPAC March Madness Mixer at Murphy's Law. Click the link above to register today!
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Our Office Location

  • 2178 Mendon Road,
    Suite 400
    Cumberland, RI 02864

    P: (401) 274-8383
    F: (888) 909-6406
    E: info@gpbor.realtor

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